• Tommy, John, Alexis, and Alex first teamed up when building games at the DigiPen Institute of Technology. From 2009-2010 they were part of the game team Hammertank Games, and developed a 1st-person mech shooter (The Shaman Engines). Forged in the fires of an extremely tough program, they learned teamwork, skills, and camaraderie that has carried throughout the years to become the team standing here today.

  • Tommy Brosman

    Tommy's first dev job was contracting in the Machine Translation group at Microsoft Research, where he created a game about a race of moon people climbing flying marshmallow creatures (with the high-level goal of refining machine translation data through gameplay). Since then he has mostly worked on services at companies including Microsoft, INRIX, and Amazon. More recently, Tommy joined Intentional Software (later acquired by Microsoft) where he manages the Layout Engine team.

    When not working, Tommy enjoys trying new coffee places, reading Murakami books, and playing visual novels.

  • John Stone

    John started out working at Google as a contractor, then an opportunity knocked at Wizards of the Coast and he jumped at it. In his professional career, he was worn many hats, but the one he is most fond of is his retro Zelda hat.

    John enjoys mobile games with retro elements, playing Magic, and metal covers of video game soundtracks.

  • Alexis Fall-Strandberg

    Alexis worked at Google as a contractor as well. Originally in the computer science program at DigiPen, Alexis went back later on to take art classes. Alexis has always been at the intersection of art and code: the mechs she modelled and rigged in 3DS MAX lumber through the Martian plains of "The Shaman Engines."

    In her non-work time, Alexis enjoys reading, listening to podcasts, and playing "Warframe."

  • Alex Chen

    Alex's career started in QA, originally in playtesting. He later worked at a company that created antivirus software for the Mac (Intego), then later ended up at Amazon as an SDET. He is also a pro gamer who specializes in brawlers. In 2011, he ranked 1st at Evo for the "BlazBlu" tournament.

    Besides fighting games, Alex is an avid RPG fan, and is always on the lookout for quality anime.